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What is the density of neodymium NdFeB magnets

NdFeB magnets do not have a relatively fixed density, and the average density of the magnet can be obtained by dividing its mass by volume. In addition, there are many types of magnets such as ferrite, AINiCo, SmCo, NdFeB, in addition, according to the forming method can be divided into several categories, different styles of magnets its density is also different. The density of several types of magnetic raw materials commonly used today is:
1. The density of sintered NdFeB is about 7.5 grams cubic decimeter
2. Inhibit the bonding of NdFeB magnet density of about 6 grams cubic decimeter
3. The density of calcined ferrite is about 4.9 grams cubic decimeter
4. The density of ferrite processed by injection molding is about 3.8 grams cubic decimeter.
Does magnet density affect the size of magnetism?
Density is also a factor in determining magnetism, in addition to this criterion there is a key prerequisite magnet itself, if this is not created, then there is no density to determine the magnetism of the magnet.
The main reason for affecting the magnetic force of NdFeB magnets
1. Usually, the magnitude of the magnetic force of NdFeB will be related to the magnet itself, and the larger the magnet, the stronger the magnetism.
2 The magnetic force of NdFeB is related to its material, N30-N52 on the market because the formula is different, the better the raw material under the same specifications and models, the stronger the magnetism.
3. Calcined NdFeB and bonded NdFeBon from the density of the magnet itself, the higher the density under the same formula conditions, the stronger the magnetism.
4. From a professional point of view, the higher the magnetic energy product and magnetic loss, the stronger the magnetism of the magnet.
5. From the inspection level, the larger the magnetic flux, the stronger the magnetism, and under the same specification model, the higher the Gaussian value, the stronger the magnetism is relatively speaking.

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