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Rare earth prices will rise in 2022, and NdFeB magnets may be replaced

For the increase in rare earth prices in 2022, the cost pressure of small and medium-sized NdFeB magnet manufacturers is very high, and NdFeB magnets may be replaced. In fact, as early as 2011, affected by the export of rare earths, the price of rare earths in the market rose several times or more.
Rare earth prices will rise in 2022, and NdFeB magnets may be replaced
Due to its strong magnetic properties, NdFeB magnets have a wide range of applications. Currently, they are mainly used in new energy vehicles, inverter air conditioners, wind power generation, industrial automation, smart consumer electronics and other fields.
NdFeB magnet application field
It is understood that some motor manufacturers modify the design of their products, and the number of NdFeB magnets used in motor equipment is decreasing. For products in the low-end industry, they are more willing to choose ferrite magnets with lower prices.
Ferrite Magnet Price
There are also samarium cobalt magnets that can replace neodymium iron boron magnets. In fact, samarium cobalt magnets are also widely used in technology. There are many types of neodymium iron boron magnets, and some models can be replaced, but for those new energy rare earth permanent magnet motors And other high-end products can not be replaced, in the face of the rising price of NdFeB magnets can only choose to accept.
Samarium Cobalt Magnet Price
From the perspective of rare earth price trends in 2022, due to the impact of the domestic epidemic, logistics and transportation in some cities have been blocked, and end users of NdFeB magnets have stopped work and reduced production. The market demand is low, and there is little room for NdFeB magnet prices to fall. The trend will be improved.
Rare earth prices will rise in 2022, and NdFeB magnets may be replaced
If NdFeB magnet terminal enterprises change the product technology application and choose magnet materials with lower cost, it will cause a great blow to NdFeB magnet manufacturers. In fact, it is necessary to do this kind of psychological preparation, and often pay attention to the trend of the rare earth price industry. As for what kind of price it will reach, it also depends on the market demand. Don't panic at this time. If necessary, you can adjust the company's product planning and consider a variety of business methods. You may wish to produce and sell low-end ferrite magnets and samarium cobalt magnets at the same time to avoid being eliminated by the market.

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