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How to avoid buying strong magnets of poor quality when purchasing

Now there are more and more customers who understand magnet manufacturers through the Internet. Some purchasers are not familiar with the purchase of strong magnets and do not know how to judge the quality. The following content will teach you how to avoid stepping on the pit.
With the development of the times, the demand for magnetic products is getting higher and higher. For example, it is used in aircraft high-speed rail, energy vehicles, electronic digital and so on. With the increase in demand, there are also more and more magnet manufacturers, which makes the market a chaotic situation, and there are a lot of abuses, which makes it difficult for users to judge that the quality of the purchased products cannot be guaranteed accordingly.
So how to identify the quality of strong magnets has become a common problem for many people. Based on my experience in the magnet industry, I will teach you how to identify them.
How to distinguish good from bad
1. The quality of the raw material determines the performance of the magnet
First of all, it is necessary to know whether the raw materials used by the magnet manufacturers meet the national standards, and secondly, whether the production technology is strong or not, and whether there are advanced technologies. The current advanced technologies are scale ingot technology, hydrogen cracking technology and jet milling technology, and then whether to use two The external compression molding method is ultimately the quality control during the production process.
2. Magnet tolerance, size customization ability
The shapes of magnets are diversified, and the shapes used by each customer are not consistent, and the size and performance are also very different. Usually it is difficult to form at one time during production, and it is necessary to cut through the process of electroplating and so on.

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