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Comparison of temperature resistance of samarium cobalt neodymium magnet co5 and 2co17

Operating temperature
The maximum working temperature of high temperature samarium cobalt neodymium magnet SmCo5 is 250íŠ, and the maximum working temperature of Sm2Co17 is 300-350íŠ. The temperature resistance of normal NdFeB strong magnets such as N35 performance grades is ≤80°, and the temperature resistance grades can reach the highest working temperature of ≤220°, which is still different from samarium cobalt. Although samarium cobalt has relatively high temperature resistance, its magnetic properties are relatively weak. (ps: It is important to choose the right magnet according to the right application environment)
Because the cobalt content of SmCo5 is higher than that of Sm2Co17, and the metal cobalt is scarce in China, it needs to import raw materials, and the price is very expensive. In addition, the rare earth content added in 1:5 is high, except for cobalt, other rare earth materials such as shirt and praseodymium.
Due to the controlled mining of rare earth materials, the resources are scarce and the price is very high. Therefore, although the magnetic energy product of SmCo5 is lower than that of Sm2Co17, the price is higher than that of Sm2Co17.
Magnetic energy product
The magnetic energy product of SmCo5 sintered magnet is generally between 16-24MGOe, and the magnetic energy product of Sm2Co17 is generally around 21-32MGOe.
SmCo5 has better machinability and is more suitable for machining to make special shapes. Note: Like other strong magnets, samarium cobalt magnets are very fragile and are therefore best used in applications that do not require direct impact.

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