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Features of strong magnets of led neodymium magnetic suction lamps

What are the characteristics of LED strong magnets: LED magnets are widely used in the installation, transformation and maintenance of LED ceiling lights, replacing traditional fixing methods such as screws. Significantly improved installation costs. This magnet is usually used to adsorb the light plate on the lamp is generally more than three, one end is locked on the lamp board (aluminum substrate with LED or PCB board), the other end is adsorbed on the iron sheet of the lamp. Point light source that is convenient for moving LEDs, scattering light at the right angle.
Commonly found in camping tents, its magnetic characteristics make the light source move arbitrarily in the tent, generating a little light without affecting sleep. It can move the lamp body at any time, in the natural environment such as wild mines, avoiding the trouble of using screws, improving convenience, and saving resources, in line with the contemporary green concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, this magnet is usually used in the transformation of LED lamps, and is commonly used for ceiling lamps.
In order to make the lamp body can be firmly fixed in the desired position, the general Led uses a strong magnet, and its magnetic material is divided into "metal and alloy magnetic materials", and there is a "ferrite magnetic material". Intersecting with other substances, it is a substance with strong magnetic force. So that the lamp will only be tighter than the screw after it is sucted. Not only that, but at the same time, strong magnetism can have a very strong coercive force, has a strong anti-interference ability, in the natural environment and general environment, even time can not affect it, which greatly ensures the stability of the lamp, in its corresponding screws, will be loose in use for a period of time.
And after the use of magnets, the magnet itself has rare metal elements, its stable inactive metal elements ensure that it is not corrosion from the outside world, coupled with the electroplating surface is immune to all kinds of substances in daily life, which is stronger than the appearance of screws by more than one height.

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