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SmCo5 magnets

These samarium cobalt magnet (smco5 magnets) alloys have one atom of rare earth Samarium and five atoms of Cobalt. By weight this samarium cobalt magnet alloy will typically contain 36% Samarium with the balance Cobalt.

The energy products of these samarium cobalt alloys range from 16 MGOe to 25 MGOe. These Samarium Cobalt magnets(smco5 magnets) generally have a reversible temperature coefficient of -0.05%/C. Saturation magnetization can be achieved with a moderate magnetizing field. This series of Samarium Cobalt magnet is easier to calibrate to a specific magnetic field than the SmCo 2-17 series magnets.

In the presence of a moderately strong magnetic field, unmagnetized smco5 magnets of this series will try to align its orietation axis to the magnetic field. Unmagnetized magnets of this series when exposed to moderately strong fields will get slightly magnetized. This can be an issue if post processing requires that the magnet be plated or coated. The slight field that the magnet picks up can attract debris during the plating or coating process causing for a potential plating or coating failure or a mechanically out of tolerance condition.

Machining or grinding this magnet by the user is discouraged. This material must be ground using diamond cutting and grinding tools and a significant amount of water based coolant. Dry ground powder can iqnite spontaneously with a small spark.

The coercivity is controlled by a process known as "nucleation". S1665, S1865, S2064, S2065 and S2069 are Samarium Cobalt magnets(smco5 magnets)alloys made from the Series 1-5 alloy.

Applications of smco5 magnets,Samarium Cobalt magnets
High-end electric motors used in the more competitive classes in slotcar racing
Traveling-wave tube field magnets
Applications that will require the system to function at cryogenic temperatures or very hot temperatures (over 180C)
Applications in which performance is required to be consistent with temperature change
Attributes of SmCo Magnet
Density: 8.4 g/cm3
Electrical resistivity 0.810−4 cm
Coefficient of thermal expansion (perpendicular to axis): 12.5 m/(mK)
Flux density variation under 5% per 100C change in temperature (in the range of 25C250C)
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