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The Paint's Lead Content Exceeding Lead to The Recall of China-made Bar Magnet in USA

October 14, 2008, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and ointly announced HomeScienceTools company jointly announced the implementation of the voluntary recall of Chinese bar Alnico magnet.

The Alnico magnet strip recalled is about 3 inches, 2/set, and sell as the part of scientific experiments tool. The S pole of the magnet is red, N pole is blue. Model for MG-BAR3AL. The magnet since May,08 to Sep,08 sales in U.S. priced at 6 U.S. dollars/piece.

About 400 pcs of magnet is run on of this recall. The reasons for the recall, the magnet paint on the surface which the lead content exceeded, in violation of federal lead-paint standards. At present, HomeScienceTools company has not yet received any report of the accident.

To this end, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that consumers would be immediately recalled magnets away from children and contact the HomeScienceTools company for free replacement.

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