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Siemens gearless generator efficiency can be raised to 98% as using the permanent magnet

Gearless synchronous generator was recently installed wind power plant in Norway which developed by Germany's Siemens, according to the company said this generator will reach the 98 percent efficiency.

Standard generators are using a gear box between the slow rotor and the fast generator so to converse the wind energy to electrical energy. However, due to friction and heat caused of gear box there will be some loss of the energy. The Siemens gearless generator using permanent magnet, the wind energy in rotor will be directly converted to electrical energy so as to avoid friction and heat loss and can be working in the wind or breeze condition.

Siemens Automation and sector-driven department's development of the gearless generator was installed in April, the world's largest Hundhammer wind power plants at Norway. ScanWind company's production ScanWind 3000 DL can power output of 3 megawatts, leaves 90 meters in diameter, enough work for 3000 families electricity per year. ScanWind is start-up companies in the wind power field, and will work to more than 3MW wind turbine development.

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