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The development of three key products for mirco-motor

As micro-motor industry is fully open market economy competitive industry, these enterprises will strengthen development of new product technologies and intellectual investment continually. In order to meet userí»s needs, they will develop various high-grade new products. It includes the following three types.

First is the development of high-grade precision micro-motor, such as high-grade precision brushless DC motor, AC servo motor, stepper motor, linear motor, motor with gear, special micro-motor and so on. It will fill the gaps, instead of import. Second, when they develop the micro-motor, they will strengthen research development of motor drive control, to form micro-motor mainly, including driver controller and other integrated products. Such brushless DC motor drive system, stepper motor drive, digital AC servo drive system and so on.

Especially the application of brushless DC motor system will be developed further.
The third is development of special motor. With the improvement of domestic industry automation and modernization, many fields need special motor to realize energy conversion. Such as wind power systems, microelectronic mechanical systems, hybrid vehicles and electric vehicle drive system.

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