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The development prospects of micro-motor in the automobile industry

1. The micro-motors is applied in automotive engine parts. It is primarily used in automotive
starter, EFI control system, engine and the radiator tank, and generator. These parts will use many
DC motors.

2.The micro-motor is applied in automobile chassis frame. It is mainly used in the automotive
electronic suspension control system, electric power steering devices, vehicle stability control
systems, automotive Shunheng control systems, anti-lock control system and drive the power control
system. The permanent magnet DC motor or permanent magnet stepper motors are widely used in them.

3. The micro-motor is applied in auto body parts. It is mainly used in the central locking devices,
electric rearview mirror, automatic landing antenna, electric sunroof, automatic headlamps, electric
vehicle seat adjustment, electric glass risers, electric wipers, air conditioning systems, electrical
electronic speed process, etc.. The permanent magnet DC motors or permanent magnet stepper motors
are usually used in them.

4.The micro-motor is applied in Auto Accessories. It is mainly used in the vacuum cleaners,inflatable
machine, pump, polishing machine, electric massage chairs and other devices.

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