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Magnetic Materials: Strut itself in Energy-saving emission reduction

Magnetic material is the best and most energy-saving the constant magnetic field of power's

In recent years, due to environmental requirements, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles into the
development of new hot spots, rare earth magnet is the heart of motor drive and the engine.

This year, wind power industry¡¯s permanent magnet materials requirement will to be more than 1,000
tons. Compared to the electrical excitation motor, permanent magnet motor particularly rare earth
permanent magnet motor is not only a simple structure, reliable operation, small size, light weight,
loss of small, high efficiency, the electrical shape and size can be flexible and diverse, and other
notable features, but also of greater speed, more efficient output power under the low-rated .About
50 percent of China's wind is low-speed wind and the permanent magnet wind power unit will be more
suitable for using in this environment.

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