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The Market Demand for Bonded Ferrite Magnet

The market demand for bonded permanent ferriteŁ¨ Rubber MagnetŁ© will increase annually.
On entering into the 21st century, the growth speed of bonded ferrite magnet market demand in China has become faster than ever.The total demand for this magnetic material is increasing to eighty-eight thousand(88,000) tons in 2008. Not only has the demand for traditional isotropic bonded permanent Ferrite magnet increased fast, products such as the door sealer magnetic strips used in refrigerators (magnetic strip), and also the focusing ring for kinescope tubs are ever increasing in demand. Also,
demand for anisotropically bonded permanent ferrite has increased very quickly. For example, the magnet used in micro motors magnet and in thin paper advertising fridge magnet.
Now isotropic bonded ferrite magnets are 60% in permanent neodym mangets
,with their BH from 0.7MGOe-1.0MGOe.And the remaining 40% of bonded ferrite magnet is anisotropy one whose BH(max) is from 1.4MGOe-1.6MGOe. They are mainly used in all kinds of toys and household appliances. For its application in micro motors, it is predicted that the demand for bonded permanent ferrite will increase by 19% on an annual basis in the next 3 years.

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