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Fridge Magnet Crafts

Instead of tacking reminders, shopping lists and phone messages to your refrigerator with store-bought magnets, create your own as a personal touch. Use crafts supplies to make refrigerator magnets featuring eye-catching colors and shapes. Design crafts that not only coordinate with your kitchen decor but also represent your family's personality and favorites.

Photo Frames
Make fridge magnets that allow you to display favorite family images. To display a 2-by-3-inch picture, for example, use scissors or a craft knife to cut two 3-by-4-inch pieces of craft foam sold at scrapbooking or craft stores. Cut a 1.75-by-2.75-inch rectangle out the center of one of the rectangles to create the frame opening. Apply narrow strips of double-stick tape along the outside edge of the bottom and sides of the frame and press it onto the second piece of foam.

Decorate the frame with stickers, glitter glue or self-adhesive foam shapes. Slip a picture inside the frame and affix two pieces of magnetic adhesive tape on the back to create the magnetic frame.

Plastic Objects
Turn small objects--from plastic toy figurines to colorful buttons to poker chips--into refrigerator magnets. Use adhesive dots to affix a flat magnet sold at craft or hardware stores to the back of the item. If you're using a cartoon character figurine that doesn't have a flat back, for example, attach the magnet with a dab of hot glue instead.

Create personalized magnet crafts featuring 2- to 3-inch-tall chipboard letters sold in different colors, patterns and finishes at scrapbooking and craft stores. Start with your family members' initials and leave them as is or adorn them with self-adhesive rhinestones, markers or tiny rubber-stamped images. Use adhesive dots to affix a flat magnet to the back of the letter.

Add movement to the monograms, if desired, by using a 1/16-inch hand-held hole punch to make a hole in the bottom of the letter, 1/16-inch in from the edge. Hang a metal charm off the bottom of the letter by threading a metal jump ring sold at jewelry-making or craft stores through the hole in the letter and the hole at the top of the charm.

Picture Pebbles
Design magnets to showcase tiny photos, stamped images or snippets cut from magazine advertisements or product packaging. Buy clear, circle-shaped glass pebbles with flat backs at a craft store. Use scissors or a craft knife to trim the desired image so it's the same size as the flat bottom of the pebble.

Place the image face up on a piece of scrap paper to protect your work surface. Apply a dab of clear epoxy or clear silicone glue to the bottom of the pebble and press it onto the image. Use your finger or a cotton swab to remove the adhesive that oozes out the sides. Let the glue dry, and then use adhesive dots to affix a flat magnet to the back of the pebble.

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