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In the previous 10 years, and mesoporous nano-materials have specific properties, is anticipated in catalysis, energy, electrochemistry, biology, products jointly with other fields attributed using the widespread app of breakthrough attention. currently the growth of mesoporous materials, which consists of the synthesis of new products and modification and modification of mesoporous products in catalysis, electrochemistry, consuming water treatment jointly with other applications, and commercial synthesis of mesoporous materials. The specific optical components upconversion materials, because of light, bio-imaging as well as the development of optical products just like optical area has awesome application, is progressively attracted people's attention. This thesis concentrate for the purpose of mesoporous polymer products jointly with upconversion of Synthesis and modification initiated. Divided into three parts: (1) nitrogen-containing mesoporous artificial polymer; (2) Hydrothermal Synthesis of water-soluble carboxyl as well as the conversion of light-emitting materials. (3)From the mesoporous silica coated for the conversion luminescent materials;

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