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Two variants of ferrite technological used

Two variants of ferrite technological are commonly used: ferrite attraction and ferrite permeability.

1. ferrite attraction In these instruments, a magnet is placed in contact with the metal surface and the force required to pull it away is measured. This force is an indication of the amount of ferrite present. Typical instruments in this category are the Magna-Gage and the Elcometer. A third instrument, the Severn Gage, determines whether the sample being tested has a greater or lesser attraction to a magnet than does a reference standard; it thus ˇ°bracketsˇ± the ferrite content between two available standards.

3. Calculation The formula for calculating the ferrite content from the composition is given in ASTM A800 which was discussed above. This method relies on the accuracy of the chemical analysis; the uncertainty of the chemical analysis is the reason for the scatter band in A800. If you have any further questions regarding the characteristics of cast Stainless steels, please contact Us feel free. Email:

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