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The market of magnetic sensor chip grows powerfully

The market of magnetic sensor chip will grows powerfully in recently years.

Basing on the forecast of iSuppli, a market research institution, there is strong demand on the magnetic sensor chip in automobile industry and consumption application range in 2010. The market Revenue was $821 million in 2009 and it is estimated to increase to $1.4 billion in 2013. The sale quantity will increase from 2.8 billion units to over 5 billion unit.

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The analyst named RichardDixon from iSuppli said the magnetic sensor is one of the most common sensors in current market. The GPS with this kind of sensor is applied widely, from industry motors to electronic consumption products in low price. For example, in automobile industry, the average quantity using magnetic sensor and china magnets switch in only one car will arrive at 9.4 units in 2013. It is only 6.7 units in 2008.

Plus the application of other sensors and switchs in cell phones, the market share of magnetometer chip in the whole magnetic sensors will enhance greatly, from 10 percent in 2008 to 33 percent in 2013.

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