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Application of neodymium magnets in magnetic particle detector

Magnetic detectors of the basic principle is that, if the workpiece surface defects exist, and the formation of local magnetic field generated due to the defect at the reluctance increases while the magnetic flux leakage, when the workpiece magnetization, the magnetic powder will be displayed here the shape and location of the defect, and thus determine the presence of a defect.
Magnetic particle detector also known as portable flaw detector using SCR for non-contact switch, low noise, long life, easy operation, applicability, stable work. Magnetization way into the the electromagnetic yoke flaw detector, rotating magnetic field flaw detector, current, AC, DC, AC and DC-magnetic particle detector, the DC power supply is a rechargeable battery, suitable for field power site operations and high pressure can not enter the container, bridges, pipelines and other on-site operations, continuous working hours on a single charge and up to 6 hours or more. AC power supply with the direct input of 220V power supply, without supporting the other instruments, easy to operate, simple, light weight, easy to carry, so the instrument has been widely used.

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