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Neodymium magnets in electric rice cooker

Electric cooker works, holding good food inside the pot on the heating plate, the bottom and the heating board temperature limiting center soft magnet sense. Press key switch, soft magnet below the neodymium magnet is up to with soft magnet contact; the pot not warming, soft magnet at the Curie temperature, a good magnetic iron, can be a neodymium magnet magnetization and its holding in high position. In a high position of soft magnet drives the internal lever action, the circuit, lower contact, electric heating elements through electric heating, the food is heated. When the inner bottom temperature of 103 2 ( this is the Curie temperature soft magnet soft magnet ), immediate perception and lose magnetism, gravity and the internal spring under the common action of falling from high position, which drives the lever mechanism, so that the circuit,lower contact points,circuit breaker,Electric heating element is no longer heating, thereby limiting the temperature objective. But when the heating plate is still in the febrile state, the heat capacity is larger, can the food heating is continued for a period of time, until the food is cooked. In order to make the food maintained at the appropriate temperature, the electric rice cooker is also provided with a heating circuit, a bimetallic strip thermostat control temperature.

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