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Application of neodymium magnets in Magnetic water processor

Magnet type water processor, including a tubular shell, magnetic core, filter, filter and the magnetic core is a cylinder shape, filter and the magnetic core layered arranged in the shell, the inner surface of the shell body axially to a ladder shape, the shell is arranged with a water pipe or the tap connection thread. Generated by neodymium magnets of high intensity magnetic field, the water complex is separated into single water molecules, preventing formation of scale, to prevent fouling. Water molecules are constantly being magnetic dipole formed of radiation, water molecules, so that the original scale gradually come loose and fall off, with the system of sewage and drop, play a scale removal effect. The utility model magnetic water processor has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, difficult blockage of the water pipe, the magnetic core is not easy to corrosion, long service time, convenient installation and cleaning, and can be used in industrial and mining enterprises, service industry, domestic water system.

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