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On the Sintered NdFeB Permanent Magnet

Permanent magnet materials has been widely used in computer, network information, communication, transportation, office automation, home appliances all walks of life, it has become an important material foundation for one of the high-tech, emerging industries, and social progress. Rare earth permanent magnet materials, magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B as the representative of the highest, the fastest growing and most widely used.

Sintered NdFeB Permanent Magnetic Materials at the development stage, the main signs are:

(1) The magnetic properties of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials. To be improved. Energy product of NdFeB Department of permanent magnet materials, 82% of the experimental values (430kJ/m3) is only theoretical value. (525.4kJ/m3), industrial small batch trial production of the energy product (398kJ/m3), and industrial high-volume production of energy product (358 -382kJ/m3) were only theoretical value of 69% and 74%, while the actual sintered NdFeB permanent magnet coercivity (1350kA / m) only a theoretical value of about 21%. Improve the coercive force can not only improve its resistance to demagnetization, you can also improve their temperature stability, and reduce the flux irreversible loss and temperature coefficient of coercivity.

(2) the production of NdFeB permanent magnet materials. Process, technology, equipment is being constantly improved and refined.

(3) The market demand for permanent magnetic materials NdFeB Department is continuing to rise. Its output value has exceeded the ferrite permanent magnet materials.
(4) In NdFeB permanent magnet materials. Temperature stability, operating temperature, corrosion resistance is still in the research, improvement and development of being. NdFeB permanent magnet is the use of temperature is very low (often less than 120 กใ C) temperature stability is also poor, limiting its the motor, especially the application of the micro motor. Improve the the NdFeB Department of the permanent magnet heat resistance and corrosion resistance, is currently in this area of research priorities and hot spots.

(5) NdFeB Permanent Magnetic Material scope of application of modern science and technology is widening. Especially in the field of magnetic levitation, the body of the maglev train track maglev superconducting magnet of permanent magnet permanent magnet or a superconducting magnet. Permanent magnet permanent magnet way does not require refrigeration system has a simple structure, low cost, energy-saving advantages.

Based on the above five points, the study of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet has a broad meaning. China is the world's largest thin on resources, NeFeB permanent magnet materials, production and research and development has also accumulated a lot of experience, creating a batch of well-trained science and technology team, so the Chinese government has been the development of new rare earth materials as a key development projects, industrial advantages to create favorable conditions for the transformation of China's rare earth resources.

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