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Application of NdFeB magnets in the lifter

Application of NdFeB magnets in the lifter

Electromagnetic principle of handling the machine of iron and steel items. The main part of the Magnetic lifter NdFeB magnets. Switching current, the electromagnet put steel items firmly suck, lifting to the designated place. Cut off the current, the magnetic properties disappear, iron and steel items down. Magnetic lifter is easy to use, but there must be current before you can use, can be used in iron and steel scrap recycling sector and the steel-making workshop.

The devices use electromagnets to carry the steel material called Magnetic lifter. Magnetic lifter can produce a strong magnetic field, dozens of tons of sheet iron, wire, nails, scrap metal and various other iron materials, packing is not packaged and not bundled will be able to easily collect and transport, not only effortless operation, and work simplification. Steel materials and machinery installed in a wooden box, the same handling. Cranes, as long as the solenoid coil current stop, pick up heavy objects would not fall invisible magnetic force is more reliable than a solid chain. If for some reason, cut off electricity, will cause an accident, so some Magnetic lifter is equipped with a fixing shaft, heavy objects to be transported mention sturdy Steel Talons came down firmly fastened them. The crane can not be handling a hot iron, high temperature steel can not be magnetized.

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