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Rare earth permanent magnet materialsí» demand is certainly increased

Energy-efficient products include energy-saving appliances, energy-saving lamps, LED lights, fuel-efficient cars and efficient motors these four large fields. Rare earth permanent magnet materials are the important raw materials of these energy-efficient products, the subsidy policy of energy-efficient products will certainly increase the demand of rare earth permanent magnet materials.

Rare earth permanent magnet materials are widely applied in computers, motors, meters, instruments, household appliances, nuclear magnetic resonances, electric components, magnetic separators and other components which require for strong gap magnetic fields. The application market space is immense.

The after-bay of rare earth permanent magnet industry covers green car industry, direct-drive permanent magnet wind generator, frequency appliances and other related to low-carbon fields. Owing to the extension of low-carbon economy relevant industries, low-carbon economy related wind energies, energy conservation industrial motors, energy-saving appliances will continue to grow, and their stimulating demand of NdFeB permanent magnets will separately up to over 30,000tons, 6,000tons, and 7,000tons.

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