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Rare Earth Resource's development and strategy

Sustainable Development and Utilization Strategy for Rare Earth Resource

There are three main aspects:
1. To strengthen exploitation management for rare earth resource. For the existing rare earth mines, our country should make a full consideration on the actual demand and environment supportability, exploit selectively, seal up some mines for strategic storage to reach the purpose for double protection of rare earth resource and the local environment.
2. To strengthen exportation management for rare earth resource. Facts have proved that our measure of rare earth resource export quota in these 2 years has not only achieved the purpose to protect national rare earth resource, and also meet the international marketí»s proper requirement for rare earth. So, we should long hold the restrictive export policy, and proceed to establish appropriate export quota for the rare earth.
3. To set up a high technology industrial chain with proprietary intellectual property rights for the rare earth. It is crucial for changing our current passive situation in rare earth application. Final to build a complete virtuous circled industrial chain from rare earth resource exploitation, primary developed, secondary developed to recycle, really form our own rare earth industrial chain.

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