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Problems of Permanent Magnet Motor Control System

As the development of permanent magnetic materials and advanced control technology, permanent magnet motor draws people¡¯s great attention by the advantage of its simple structure, smaller size, light weight, low loss, high efficiency and so on, and is also used more and more widely in industry, agriculture, national defense and daily life. According to the difference between induced electromotive force and drive current of permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet motor can be divided into permanent magnet brushless DC motor (Brushless DC Motor, BLDCM) and permanent magnet synchronous motor (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, PMSM). BLDCM is applied great extensively into electric cars, home appliances and other control fields as the merit of its high power density, simple control and low cost, but also with the disadvantage of bigger torque ripple and large core excess loss. So, its application have much restrict in servo drive system with the requirements of high-precision and high performance (especially in low-speed direct drive occasions). Because of the excellence of its high power factor, fast dynamic response, wide speed range as well as stable operation, greater overload performance and so on, PMSM gradually becomes the main part of the drive motor in modern industrial control systems, but also with relatively complex control system. So, the various problems on PMSM control systems have benn highly concerned.

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