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Application of neodymium magnets in the magnetic electric ammeter

The ammeter is made based on the role of the current carrying conductor in a magnetic field by the magnetic force. Ammeter within a neodymium magnet, pole magnetic field is generated between each of the both ends of a coil, the coil in the magnetic field has a hairspring spring, the spring of the ammeter is connected to the terminal connected by a shaft between the spring and the coil, as opposed to the rotary shaft at the ammeter the front end, with a pointer. When the current through the current direction of the spring shaft through a magnetic field, the current cut magnetic field lines, and therefore the magnetic force, so that the coil deflects driven shaft, the deflection of the pointer. Due to the size of the magnetic force increases with increasing current, so the degree of deflection of the pointer to observe the magnitude of the current.

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