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The Preparation of Strip Casting Materials

NdFeB magnet industry in China has been much improved in recent years. Its output has exceeded that of Japan since 2000. But there is still a big gap between sintered NdFeB magnets made by China and that made by developed countries. The gap is not only due to magnetic performance, but especially the inconsistency of products. Due to such reason NdFeB magnets made in China are hardly entered into major market, such as VCM, MRI and motor uses. Most Chinese magnet makers are crowed in the limited market of middle and low grade magnets, to compete with each other by lowering price! Some companies imported advanced equipment for magnet producing line, the quality of products is improved, but the cost is increased as well. The price- performance ratio of product is increased to a level that the market could not accept. So most Chinese magnet producers are still watching and waiting. Where is the right way, follow which should they go Now some advanced equipment for making high grade magnets has been developed by Chinese researchers and engineers. Present paper is the first one of series papers introducing the achievements in this field, which concerning strip casting (SC), hydrogen decrepitation (HD), improved jet milling (JM), polar re-changeable pulse magnetizer, isostatistic press under magnetic field (CIP), rubber mold isostatistic press (RIP), multi-chamber sintering furnace, pulse magnetometer with high pulse magnetic field (PFM), etc.

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