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Chinese sensor industry prospects

The next five years will be steady and rapid development of Chinese sensor market, under the sustained more than 30 percent annual growth momentum, in 2014 Chinese sensor market is expected to reach 120 billion yuan or more. Gold mold Things chief researcher Luo Hui pointed out, from the point of the entire field of gas sensor, the stability of technology is quite good, but the threshold is very low. Future directions should be sophisticated. The development of the Internet of Things will greatly promote the development of the sensor field, it will be wildly use in the energy, intelligence, security monitoring, environmental protection and other areas. By 2020, the industry scale of gas sensor industry will reach 600 billion yuan, the localization rate of over 70%, including sensor based on MEMS technology, environmental monitoring equipment with gas sensor, flow sensor and humidity sensor, etc. In addition, the release of "The Internet of things the 12th five-year plan", the key projects in the content also mentioned the development of micro and smart sensors, wireless sensor networks. Sensors in other areas are also having new applications such as industrial control area, in the field of environmental protection, agriculture in the facility, multimedia images, and other related sensor applications.

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