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8 pole special-shaped Bonded magnet

Bonded NdFeB magnets are made of NdFeb magnetic powder and binder mixed through "press molding" or "injection molding" made of magnets. It has high dimensional accuracy, can be made into magnetic components with relatively complex shape, and has the characteristics of one molding, multi-pole orientation. Its mechanical strength is high, and it can be formed once with other supporting components when forming.

Applications of 8 pole special-shaped Bonded magnet

Computer hard disk drive
CD drive
office automation equipment motors
Servo motors
DC motors (automotive starters) and other motors
Automotive micromotor and sensor products

Attributes of Neodymium Magnet
With the advantages of outstanding mechanical
strength and high accuracy in dimension, this
kind of magnets is resistant to shock and
usually, further machining is not required. So that
lot production is easy to be implemented.
If necessary, the magnets can be formed integrally
with other complients as well.
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