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How to Work With Large Rare Earth Magnets?

Neodymium magnets and other rare earth metals make the strongest permanent magnets. Smaller neodymium magnets are powerful enough, but the larger ones need careful handling. Keep your magnet well away from any metallic or magnetic items you might wear or have in your pockets. Also, remove all loose metal objects within a few feet of where you'll use the magnet. Use the magnet only on a non-metallic floor or work bench. Finally, protect the magnet and yourself by wrapping it in a towel or newspaper before using it.

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Things You'll Need:
Wood or plastic workbench
Small towel or newspaper
Plastic putty knife
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1 Remove all metal items from your person. Avoid wearing a belt with a large buckle. Empty your pockets and put your wallet, keys and change in a safe place. Be especially careful with cell phones, MP3 players, credit cards and security badges. If you must wear glasses, make sure the frames are not steel.
2 Clear the bench of tools and other loose ferrous metal or magnetic items. Copper and aluminum are OK, but steel, nickel, cobalt and related metals must be moved several feet from your bench. Remove any computers, such as laptops, from the bench.
3 Take any magnetic compasses out of the room before bringing the neodymium magnet ( or rare earth magnets) in.
4 Lay a towel or newspaper on the bench. Bring the neodymium magnet ( or rare earth magnets) in its container and set it on the bench. Take the magnet out of its container and wrap it with the towel or newspaper.
5 Use the magnet for experiments. If you intend to bring other magnets or ferrous metal items within a few feet of the magnet, exercise caution. The parts may snap together suddenly and with enough force to break fingers. If you have difficulty separating the neodymium magnet ( or rare earth magnets) from other items, use a plastic putty knife to slowly separate them. Plastic is non-magnetic and won't scratch.

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