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How can I shield one magnet so it doesn't interact with another that is close by?

How can I shield one magnet so it doesn't interact with another that is close by?

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All commercially available magnetic shielding materials are ferromagnetic. This means they are attracted by a magnet just like iron or steel. Ferromagnetic materials are necessary because shields work by pulling the magnetic field towards them and away from what needs to be shielded. The magnetic field will actually become concentrated within the shield itself, but the field will still exist.

If two magnets are close enough together to attract each other and a ferromagnetic material is placed between them both magnets are now attracted to the shield. The net effect is that both magnets are still being attracted in the same direction prior to the shield being put in place.

Now turn one of the magnets around so they are repelling each other and then place ferromagnetic material between them. Again the magnets are attracted to the shield and will stick to it. With a thick enough piece of material the poles may actually be directed facing each other. With a thinner piece the magnets will be offset from each other, but will still stick to the shield.

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