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Permanent magnet--Ferrite's Application in Auto

Now there are 40-70 places per vehicle have to use permanent-magnet materials, with about 5 kg in the main, such as actuators, sensors, ABS, electrical and sound system. With the car's comfort level and automation improving, the number of motors increase from 30 to over 100.

Typical applications such as electric start, the wiper motor, engine cooling fan motor, automatic electric door locks, automatic window lift motors, from top to open the window motor, electric seat adjustment, electric air-conditioning, electric headlight correction, mirrors a short period of correction Electric, electric pumps, electric pumps, electric curtain motors, head position adjustment motor, after dumping electric chair single motor, motor, such as seat belt tension.

As the bad working conditions of the car motor,so they are mainly made of Ferrite. Such as the start-up motor installed inthe engine, in the face of high temperature, dust, salt spray and humid, only ferrite magnets fit it.Another requirement of the magnet is high-performance, higher than the coercive force of at least 358KA/m, for the remanent 430mT. Although wipe motor is no so strict in requirement for magnetic properties, but the magnetic flux change can no exceed 5% with high or low temperature while the volume have to be smaller and remanence with 450mT.Magnetic tile used in oil pump does no ask for temperature, but it requires clean in surface and other physical properties which is no allowed to red, off angle and debris.In order to further reduce the size of the magnet, residual magnetism 460mT and energy product for 33KJ/m3 materials is used for it.

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