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Neodymium Magnet safty

Neodymium magnets are fragile. So the magnets should be handled with care.  These magnets are very powerful and can accelerate a great speeds toward each other and toward ferrous material.  When these magnets come together quickly, they can be shattered.

Very large magnets can pose a crushing hazard and should not be handled.

Neodymium magnets have strong magnetic fields that can damage electronic equipment and magnetic data storage media. You should keep these magnets away from electronic equipment, computer discs, credit cards, video tapes, and other magnetic media.

Neodymium magnets should not be burned. These magnets can ignite and burn at high intensity. These magnets should not be drilled or machined. Drilling may cause high heat to develop resulting in ignition. The magnets may shatter and break when drilled.

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