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Industrial Purposes for Neodymium Magnets

You might not have heard of Neodymium magnets until recently, but chances are they have been an important part of your life for some time. You can find these powerful magnets in your microwave oven and your computer hard drive. You can find them in the anti-lock brake system of your car. You can find their handiwork in any number of miniaturized electronic products.

Now, you can buy neodymium magnets for yourself. neodymium magnets can be sculpted into teaching tools, to help kids learn about the shapes of different molecules. neodymium magnets can be sculpted into models of animals, like magnetic dog sculptures, that can sit on your desk or mantle. neodymium magnets can be shaped into interesting designs which can be hung like mobiles from your ceiling, or from trees or shrubs in your garden.

neodymium magnets

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