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Neodymium Magnets Uses

Medical industry uses - The neodymium magnets are used extensively for magno-therapy by medical practitioners and physiotherapists to reduce pain. They are also sold as medical devices to wear as shoe insertions, blankets and bracelets. They stabilize iron content and hemoglobin content in blood. They are also used in dentures as to hold them together and in other corrective devices.

Iron industry uses - These magnets are used in iron industries, especially in lifting huge iron materials from iron dust whereas the weaker magnets attract dust particles. In heavy manufacturing and engineering industries the magnets lift large ferrous items and are also used as magnetic separators.

Home uses - At home the neodymium magnets are used in various ways, such as in creating door and drawer closures, fixing furniture and hanging pictures. They also prove helpful in cleaning processes around the home such as when cleaning washing machines and refrigerators or even fish tanks.

Ornamental uses - The magnets have become very common in jewelry. They attach to the skin and hold jewelry pieces without the need to pierce the skin.

Motor industry uses - This is an industry that seems to benefit most from the neodymium magnets. They are used in magnetically coupled pumps, electric motors and generators and in bearings to provide relative motion with low friction without mechanical wear even at very high speeds. Anti-lock braking system sensors also use these magnets.

Entertainment industry uses - When it comes to the entertainment industry, the permanent magnets are used in audio equipment like speakers, microphones, headphones and acoustic pick-ups.

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