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Size head neodymium magnet price (specification writing function parameter quote)

The size of the head magnet may not be easy for a friend who is new to the magnet, so what is a head magnet? What are the advantages of a large and small head magnet? The price of the head and the magnet will not be much more expensive. Let's take a look at the size of the head magnet.

What is a head magnet?


Head magnet

NdFeB neodymium size head strong magnet can be understood as two round magnets of different diameters stick together, represented by large diameter D1* thickness + small diameter D2* thickness.

For example, a magnet of D5*1.8+d4*1.9mm means a large head diameter of 5 mm, a thickness of 1.8 mm, a small head magnet diameter of 4 mm, and a thickness of 1.9 mm.

What is the role of the head magnet?

Like some slotted magnets, it is mainly used for card positions or special requirements.

Size head magnet parameter introduction

Shape: Large and small head magnets, diameter and thickness can be manufactured according to your requirements.

Material: N35-N52, high temperature resistant material.

Plating: galvanized / nickel plated / nickel plated copper nickel / epoxy coated.

How much is the price of a big head magnet?

This can not give a specific quotation, you are best to provide drawings to Xia men magnet manufacturers, because the processing difficulty, the number of magnets will affect the price of magnets, especially the recent price of NdFeB neodymium materials soared, the price of a price per day, respect Please understand!Click here to contact us

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