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Specification for powerful magnets

The following is a brief introduction for customers when they customize the powerful magnets, hoping to bring you some more conventional sizes
1, if the size is too large, to see the specific size and the production of the company is limited, ring specifications in more than MM can be done, of course, the larger the size, the price will be higher. ndfeb
2, if the size is small, the higher the accuracy requirements will be, the same as the magnetic
3, irregular shaped neodymium magnet, is a relatively special shape of the magnet, customized strong magnetic if some of the more special shape, we need to give the drawings and samples to the manufacturer.
Strong magnet customization if the volume, the price will be an advantage. If the quantity is specialized in rare earth permanent magnetic materials, magnetic devices, magnetic ISO9001 system certification, production and sales of a variety of performance, a variety of shapes in addition, the company is committed to the magnetic components and magnetic tools by virtue of the rich mechanical processing of magnetic materials by the research and development, production and

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