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Save profiled neodymium magnet tips

1. Ndfeb magnet is suitable to be stored in a ventilated and dry room. Acidic, alkaline, organic solvent, water, high temperature and humid environment will easily corrode the magnet. Special magnet should pay more attention to the unelectroplated products. When stored, it can be properly coated with oil to prevent rust. This is also the main reason why it is recommended to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of Ndfeb magnet.
2. After heating, the magnetic properties of Ndfeb magnets will be greatly reduced. Please refer to the table of contents or the relevant temperature characteristics pointer, and take care that the temperature is not too high when assembling or using the magnet.
3. When using or keeping the magnet, please avoid corrosive gases, environments with high electrical conductivity (such as water containing electrolytes, etc.), acidic environments and organic solvents. Otherwise, it will cause the corrosion of the magnet and the weakening of magnetic and mechanical strength. For heat resistance and other conditions, please refer to the product catalog or other data. Please consult with Several companies for related issues.
4. The magnet is hard and brittle, so it may break or fall off when used in vibration, impact, etc. If used for such purposes, please take care in designing that the magnet will not fall off even if it breaks.
5, is a high-speed operating body, so magnets and other objects may be broken. Special magnet design, please take the necessary precautions, in case the magnet is broken, the debris will not fly out.
6, Ndfeb magnetic is very strong, operation should avoid hands or other parts of the body caught by the magnet, the larger size of the magnet should pay more attention to personal safety and protection.
7. Do not approach the magnetic steel of electronic medical devices or people carrying medical devices such as pacemakers.
8. Do not swallow the magnet. In case of accidental swallow, please go to the hospital for treatment immediately. Do not put the magnet where children can reach it.
9. During the use of the magnet, the workplace should be clean, and the profiled magnet should avoid small impurities such as ferromagnetic filings being adsorbed on the surface of the magnet, which will affect the normal use of the product

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