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How to storage and transport magnets?

Avoid corrosion and oxidation
Since the magnet is a metal alloy, it is necessary to avoid corrosion of the magnet and avoid contact with special chemicals such as strong acids and alkalis. It is recommended not to stack the magnets directly on the ground, avoid humid environments, place desiccant, and keep it sealed. In order to avoid its oxidation, resulting in changes in appearance, physical properties and magnetic properties.
Unmagnetized and unplated products can be properly oiled to prevent rust and corrosion.
For example, neodymium iron boron has poor corrosion resistance and generally has a surface coating, so pay attention to the scratches of the surface coating material and avoid chemical corrosion in contact with other metal objects, and for non-magnetic materials, right It has an impact.
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Pay attention to the storage environment
Note that if the shelves are made of metal, the spacing between the shelves should not be too small to avoid the attraction between the magnet and the metal frame, which may cause damage to the movement and jumping of the magnet. The storage environment should not have magnetic storage media equipment.
Avoid high temperature
High temperature has great destructive force on the magnetism of magnets, but the general ambient temperature will not affect the magnets. Pay attention to avoid the influence of special ambient temperature.
Avoid breaking
Permanent magnets are generally hard and brittle. For example, neodymium iron boron magnets can attract six hundred times their own weight. When storing and transporting, you should be careful not to attract and collide with metals or powerful magnets, which may damage the magnet. And from a safety point of view, a violent collision of the magnet will produce very small flying debris. If it enters the human eye, the consequences will be very serious. Especially during transportation, the magnet cannot be knocked and vibrated severely. Hoof-shaped magnets should also add a piece of soft iron on the two poles to connect the two poles, and invert the north and south poles of adjacent magnets. The packaging box should be installed without gaps and spaces to prevent the magnet from moving in the box, causing collisions and breaking.
Ensure clean
During the use of the magnet, ensure that the workplace is clean to prevent small impurities such as iron filings from adsorbing on the surface of the magnet and causing "hairy" phenomenon, which will affect the normal use of the product.
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How to pack
Magnets should be sucked together and stored in a box. Spacers or cushioning materials should be added between the magnets. Do not place the north pole of one magnet opposite to the north pole of the other magnet. This will weaken the magnetism.
Shield magnetic field
Magnets should be shielded during storage, especially during transportation, so as not to affect the normal machinery of the external environment. For example, they must be shielded during air transportation. The magnet can use magnet keeper or magnetic field absorbing material to prevent external metal from being attracted by the magnet, which plays a safety role.
Family daily preservation
Avoid contact with electronic products and do not approach electronic equipment, because the magnet itself has positive and negative poles and has a circuit loop. If it is approached, it will affect the electronic equipment and control loop and affect the use.
Do not place magnets near floppy disks, hard drives, credit cards, tapes, debit cards, TV picture tubes, etc. It may affect or even destroy the recorded data.
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People who have a pacemaker should not play with magnets. Magnets may affect the pacemaker.
Small magnets should not be played with by children and should be placed out of the reach of children. Avoid risks caused by accidental ingestion.

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