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The advantages and disadvantages of neodymium magnets of different materials

The effect of materials without magnets is definitely not the same, what are the advantages and disadvantages between them. The application of magnets is very extensive. Due to the many types of magnets, many buyers do not know how to choose.
First of all, from the user's point of view, the only concerns are the following: ó┘Price; ó┌Magnetic size; ó█Temperature resistance; ó▄What is the product quality? Okay, determine the type of your own needs (if you still don't know how to choose, you can consult us Sanen, we provide technical answers and discussions from engineering and technical personnel).
1. Sort by price from high to low
1. The cost of samarium cobalt magnets is high, and they are only used in some high-end permanent magnet motors.
2. AlNiCo magnets are more used in military products.
3. NdFeB magnets are cost-effective, although their volume is not as large as that of ferrites, but the output value is the highest. All walks of life are involved, mostly used in magnetic connectors, DC motors, robots, smart home and other fields.
4. Ferrite magnets are cheap because of their cheap materials, so the price of ferrites is very low, and the usage is very large. They are mostly used in handbag packaging factories, speaker factories, and leather goods factories.
2. Magnetic force (magnetic force from strong to weak)
1. NdFeB; the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet products, currently the strongest magnet material, known by outsiders as strong magnet, strong magnet, magnet king, etc., the maximum magnetic energy product is 52 mega Gauss Oersted.
2. Samarium cobalt; the magnetic force is inferior to that of NdFeB, and the samarium cobalt magnet can be processed into special shapes. The maximum magnetic energy product is 26 megagauss oersteds.
3. AlNiCo; weaker than samarium cobalt, the maximum magnetic energy product is only 5.4 trillion Gauss Oersted.
4. Ferrite; it has weak magnetic properties with AlNiCo, and the maximum magnetic energy product is only 3.6 trillion Gauss Oersted.
3. Temperature resistance (from high to low)
1. AlNiCo; it can withstand the working temperature of 500 íŠ and is the most high temperature resistant magnetic material.
2. Samarium cobalt; it is an ideal choice for the working temperature of 250íŠ-350íŠ.
3. Ferrite; the upper limit of heat-resistant working temperature of ferrite is 300íŠ.
4. NdFeB: NdFeB is suitable for working temperature of 80íŠ-230íŠ, and has strong magnetic properties.

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