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Application and development prospect of Bonded NdFeb magnet

Bonded NdFeB magnets are made of NdFeb magnetic powder and binder mixed through "press molding" or "injection molding" made of magnets. It has high dimensional accuracy, can be made into magnetic components with relatively complex shape, and has the characteristics of one molding, multi-pole orientation. Its mechanical strength is high, and it can be formed once with other supporting components when forming.
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Application of Bonded NdFeb magnet(Bonded neodymium magnet):
Bonded Ndfeb magnet is the most used in the computer field, computer hard disk drive, CD drive, etc.; The second is office automation equipment, such as scanner motor, printer drive motor, laser printer roller; Automotive micromotor and sensor products, such as wiper motor, EPS sensor, etc. Other kinds of household appliances, digital products and electrical machinery and other fields.
Development prospect of Bonded NdFeb magnet(Bonded Neodymium magnet):
China is a big country of bonded NdFeb magnets production, accounting for 70% of the world's total output, and is the world's largest bonded NdFeb production base. But it started late, with the development and innovation of enterprises, the performance of bonded Neodymium magnet produced in China has reached the international leading level. With the advent of the global information age, the development of hard disk drive and magnetic storage technology, the arrival of big data and cloud computers, will bring a large market for bonded Ndfeb magnets.
In recent years, the country's demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles have become the target of everyone's pursuit. Bonded Ndfeb magnets account for 7% in the automotive field. The existence of bonded Ndfeb can be found in automotive micromotors, sensors and all kinds of automotive motors. With the development of automobiles to automation, energy saving and comfort, the use of bonded NdFeb magnets in the automotive field will also surge.
Compared with sintered NdFeb magnet£¨Neodymium magnet£©, it can be formed once, without secondary processing, can be made into a variety of complex shapes of magnets, it can greatly reduce the volume and weight of the motor.

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