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Cobalt prices will fall over the next two years The prices of rare-earth magnet will be affected

After six months of this year, the world's average cobalt prices will remain at 45 U.S. dollars / pounds. In 2009, the average price of cobalt will fall to 30 U.S. dollars / pounds and the price will drop further to 20-25 U.S. dollars / pounds in 2010.

CRU research director, Calum Baker last week in Toronto at the annual meeting of the Association for the Development Co said that the new production projects are expected to overfulfil the over-refined metal production. However, the supply of cobalt, in 2009 the situation is not optimistic. Especially in the first half of the new year, Huge impact will occur due to the new project.

Nevertheless, in 2010 there may be a situation of supply exceeding demand. There will be a small drop in prices, production costs will be about 10-12 dollars/pounds. Baker added.

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