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Neodymium magnets industry Growing in a long cycle

Neodymium magnets industry in a long cycle, the downstream demand most strong rigidity, and large enterprises can successfully pass NdFeB production cost pressures, in maintain gross margin at the same time, realize sales income growth. On the other hand, we believe that the rare earth price is unlikely to drop, NdFeB enterprises are expected to enjoy long-term high tons gross profit, usher in the golden period of investment.

In addition, research report also believed that, the soft ferrite magnets industry basically can achieve balance of supply and demand, mainly in the high-end domain growth. Permanent magnet ferrite capacity compound average growth rate of about 11%, production capacity growth rate is slightly larger than the demand growth, but if taking into account the prices of the substitution effect of NdFeB, ferrite permanent magnet over the next few years to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

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