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Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Cyanide-Bridged Heterometal Complexes

The study of molecular magnetism is a new rising research field encompassing chemistry, physics, material science and life sciences, which the main task is to study and elucidate the magnetic coupling nature between the spin-carrier in the molecular system, reveal the correlation of structure and magnetism, find and study the complicated magnetism phenomenon, and design and synthesize new molecular-based magnetic materials, such as single-molecular magnet (SMM), single-chain magnet (SCM), high-Tc magnet, spin-crossover material, photomagnetic materials and elec-magnetic bifunctional materials, et al. It should be worth noting that, due to the wide application foreground and the important theoretical significance, the research of molecular magnetism has attracted intense attention of the molecular magnetism chemist over the world. The main purpose of this dissertation is to select and develop suitable cyanide-containing building blocks and all kinds of magnetic spin-carriers, synthesize cyanide-bridged complexes with novel structures by using them under different reaction conditions, and study their structure and magnetic properties with an aim to obtain excellent molecular magnetic materials.

ˇˇˇˇThe antiferromagnetic coupling nature between the cyanide-bridged Fe˘óion and Mn" ion in these complexes has been found.In this dissertation, eighteen cyanide-containing building blocks have been employed to react with manganese(III)-porphyrin compounds, manganese(III)-Schiff-base compounds, seven-coordinated macrocycle manganese(II) compounds and other manganese(II) compounds, and Neodymium Magnet over forty cyanide-bridged complexes with different structures, including molecular clusters, one-dimensional chain, and two-dimensional network, were successfully synthesized, which have been characterized by element analysis, IR spectra and X-ray diffraction. The magnetic properties of all the complexes have been studied in detail. The results of this dissertation can afford lots of valuable experiment gists and research ideas for the further investigation of the synthesis of cyanide-bridged complexes with novel structural types and the rational design and synthesis of interesting molecular-based magnetic materials, such as SMM and SCM.

Tags: neodymium magnets Synthesis, Crystal Structures,Magnetic Properties,Cyanide-Bridged Heterometal Complexes Smco magnets

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