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Discussion on rubber magnet

American scientist in the exploration can replace a metal ferromagnetic polymer, developed into the world's first piece of rubber "magnet", this is a real organic magnetic body, it contains more than three fourths of carbon and hydrogen,and can dissolve in organic matter.When it is fully magnetized, magnetization is substantially the same as the iron material.
The plastic magnet can at cryogenic temperatures to produce magnetism, because it is at ultra low temperature is a body of the electronic spin spontaneous orientation consistency. In two of four vinyl ferrocene and two different types of molecules made of crystalline ferromagnetic material as an example, two ferrocene molecule (the donor) to an electron transfer to the four vinyl molecules (acceptor), such that each element has an unpaired electron.It is like the iron atom, when they (unpaired electrons) in the respective direction of spin orientation has been, it is easy to show the magnetic effect.

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