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Application of neodymium magnets motor in the IT application

IT today a highly developed, a variety of computer peripherals and office automation equipment also will be highly developed, demand its support of the key components of micro-motor precision and performance requirements are also increasing. The requirements of such micro-motor is small, thin, high-speed, long life, high reliability, low noise and low vibration, is particularly high precision. So it's brushless must be a strong magnet(neodymium magnets used most). For example, hard disk drives used in the spindle drive motor is a neodymium magnets brushless DC motor, it is nearly 10000rpm high speed, driven by the disc rotation, to perform data read and write heads on the disc from the disc surface, only 0.1 to 0.3 microns for suspension movement. the high precision requirements can be imagined. The vast majority of the drive motor used in a variety of devices such as printers, soft hard drives, optical drives, fax machines, copiers, etc. in the IT is a neodymium magnet brushless DC motor. By the technical level to limit the kind of micro-motor is the country can not produce some products in the domestic assembly.

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