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operating point of the permanent magnet

To take full advantage of permanent magnet materials, reduce the size of the permanent magnet and the motor as a whole should strive to establish a magnetic field with the maximum energy with minimal volume of permanent magnet in the air gap, the operating point of the permanent magnet should be designed in the design of the permanent magnet motor, near the optimum operating point. The optimal operating point of maximum energy and maximum effective magnetic energy of permanent magnet. Taking into account the existence of leakage flux, the actual participation in the electromechanical energy conversion is the effective magnetic energy in the air-gap magnetic field, the total magnetic energy is not a permanent magnet permanent magnet motor. Therefore, the optimal operating point of the permanent magnet to be elected in the effective magnetic energy We=e Fe/2 point. In order to obtain the best use of permanent magnets, with the relationship between the size of the permanent magnet, outer magnetic circuit structure and size, and both must be the correct choice.
More than an ideal situation, the actual application will be affected by other factors, constraints, and sometimes have to deviate from the optimal operating point. Example: When the demagnetization curve with the inflection point, under the premise of the guarantee without losing magnetic pursuit as large as possible (usually not the biggest) and effective magnetic energy; the best use of permanent magnet does not necessarily lead to optimal design of the motor, because the impact of motor design factors in addition to the size of the permanent magnet, but also consider the special requirements of the structure, process and performance.

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