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Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet is rubber magnets adhered to various kinds of PVC. PP, double-sided tape. The colors are various . It is normally used on Logo, children's toys, gifts and advertising . The design can be decided according to customers'need.

Sets containing magnets in the shape of the letters of the alphabet have been manufactured since at least the 1960s, and marketed as an educational production for young children. In the 1990s, sets of very small magnets printed with individual words became popular; these sets are used to create impromptu magnetic poetry. Relatively strong magnets with hooks are produced for the purpose of hanging oven mitts or keys. Magnets that serve as a picture frame are also fairly common. Magnets with notepads or dry erase boards are occasionally produced.fridge magnet

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Refrigerator Magnets are an effective and low cost way to attract new and existing customers. No other form of advertising is kept as long and in such a prominent place as a refrigerator magnet. The Refrigerator Magnet Factory can turn almost anything into a Refrigerator Magnet.
Identify your company with a professionally designed logo. The Refrigerator Magnets will make your company impress your custom.

Applications of Fridge Magnets-China Fridge Magnet Manufacturers/suppliers
Fridge magnets can be used to hold reminders;
Fridge magnets can be a reminder in themselves;
Fridge magnets are often used as a collectors item;
Marketed as an educational production for young children.
Attributes of Magnetic Product
It is mostly called Fridge Magnets in the UK, Australia and some of other English speaking countries.
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