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The Development of Permanent magnet and MHD Power Generation Technology

Traditional fire, water and nuclear power, efficiency is only 30% to 40%, using magnetic fluid power, efficiency can be increased by 50%, which is a new type direct way of thermal power generation.
For example, a 100,000 kilowatt magnetic fluid power plant's coal annual savings is of up to 1,000,000 tons. MHD power generation with high-speed rotating parts, from ignition to operate at full capacity only a few seconds, the cost is only 1 / 4 of coal-fired power plants, which is second to none compare to the general power generation system . Coal-fired power generation magnetic fluid technology as a theme is included in the national "863" plan in 1986 which is of the aim to realize the industry by early twenty-one century. It is learned that the electrician by the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been successfully developed a magnetic fluid power key components - a large ultra-saddle-shaped magnet, which is a powerful promotion of the early realization of china's magnetic fluid generation,also, the development of the permanent magnet ,such as ferrite and neodymium magnet,is good for the realization of MHD power generation technology.

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