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Application of neodymium magnets in generator for vehicles

The use of the latest international magnetic materials NdFeB magnetic field, and the winding excitation generator compared: no black metal casting ( forging) made of claw pole and the magnetic well, not enamelled wire winding excitation coil, no brush and collector ring. The performance features in the main, can satisfy the modern car in a variety of engine under the condition of high standard requirements, and efficient energy-saving, no carbon brush, high reliability, the electric vehicle without interference, and reduce the battery charge, discharge frequency, extending the service life of the battery, in the battery completely without electricity or from the special battery case, motor can start running, and large power. Because this series generator has low turn power of unique design, therefore, by the vast number of city public transportation system and low speed for a long time slow, frequent start stop the user's widely recognized and application. Automobile permanent magnet generator design, successfully applied to various types of gasoline engine, diesel powered vehicles, but because of its low speed power characteristics, is more suitable for low speed for a long time slow city buses, mining machinery, municipal road construction machinery such as frequent start parking vehicles.

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