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Processing of neodymium magnet

Processing of common magnets
A cylinder with a diameter of 2 mm to 100 mm and a thickness of 0.5 mm or more can be processed. The circular magnet is easy to process and can be formed once. Therefore, a circular magnet is often used when making an order. The biggest advantage of this magnet is processing. Fast speed and short delivery time.
Two-square magnet: The square magnet is slower to process because it needs to be cut on all six sides. One product needs to be processed three times to be successful. Compared with the round magnet, there are two more steps, so the square magnet has a slow processing speed and delivery time. long.
Three-hole product: Before the product is cut, a hole of the specified size is punched on the blank and then processed. The block needs to be processed to a certain process and then punched, and then cut, which is more complicated. Perforated products are widely quoted in the market. At the same time, our company also processes some special-shaped products in batches, such as trapezoids, large and small holes, large and small magnets.
The black film inspection is to check the appearance and size of the semi-finished products processed by the slicing workshop. Generally, the thickness tolerance of the wafer is not ±0.05mm, and the side length tolerance of the square is 0.07mm.
The boiled material is the 502 magnetic material glue which bonds the products to each other and boiled with hot water to remove the glue for the purpose of receiving and polishing.
Polishing (also called chamfering) is the former smoothing of electroplating. It is to grind the corners around the product to a certain degree according to customer requirements, so that the surface is smoother to improve the appearance quality of the product.
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